HydrogenSportsMedicine.com’s goal is to promote Hydrogen as a new athletic performance enhancement principle that revolutionizes sports medicine offering a radical shift in medical thought and practice.

If you are an athlete for sure will want a hydrogen inhaler in your house and your professional team will want one on the sidelines, the most powerful hydrogen inhaler that will saturate a freshly injured body in minutes with soothing hydrogen. Oxygen too!

Hydrogen will enhance everyone’s performance. It will decrease the pain of intense sports; recovery times from injuries will be much shorter. We should have guessed that the same gas that would make it possible to dive almost 2,000 feet down in the sea, enabling human activity at bone crushing depth and stress, would give ups its life sustaining power to athletes on the surface.

Authored by Dr. Sircus, this website outline’s Hydrogen Medicine as a protocol to enhance athletic and training performance.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) (acupuncturist, doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine) is a prolific writer and author of some astounding medical and health-related books. Dr. Sircus’s methods are based on medical science and long years of clinical experience, not only his own but experiences of doctors from around the world who have been practicing brilliant medicine.

His books are heavily referenced, but written in a way that the layperson has little difficulty in understanding them. For many years Dr. Sircus has been researching into the human condition and into the causes of disease; he has distilled many of the divergent medical systems into a new form of medicine that he has coined Natural Allopathic Medicine.

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