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If you are like most athletes, you want to heal naturally from your injury and do so in record time without having to resort to drugs or surgery. Endurance and competitive sports and intensive power training requires optimal, balanced nutrition as they place heavy demands on the body. Good nutritional practices should be part of every athlete’s normal daily routine. Nutrition is one factor that every athlete can control and maximize to achieve the highest potential for performance.

Whatever your level of sporting achievement far–infrared therapy is going to be a great help and comfort. Daily and nightly treatments on an infrared mattress, at home, offers pain relief after strenuous workouts and offer athletes a safe, fast return to peak performance.

The secret to Olympic success is higher concentrations of oxygen delivery to the cells and until recently to do that they had to live at high altitudes and train there. That is no longer necessary. One can now train comfortably in one’s own bedroom with EWOT training (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy)which comes in two forms, the basic and the simulated high-altitude training. Oxygen-rich blood is one of the most important components for sports performance.